Danyang Huaming Optics Co., Ltd is located in Dangyang City of Jiangsu province , in the middle of Nanjing and Shanghai.
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    Danyang Huaming Optics Co., Ltd is located in Danyang City of Jiangsu Province, the town of the China Glass. We are specialized in the production and sales of trial lens set and optical lens. 
    Our company has the most advanced production lines and precise inspection equipment. Our production technology, product quality, and management level are all at the top in the industry.
    Our company passes the ISO 9001:2000. And the products get the CE certification. Both the administration and the quality is in the leading place. The trial lens set mainly has type 270, 266, 232, 158, 104 and 48. We can also make it according to your requirements. The packing mainly has aluminum alloy case and leather case. 
    About the lens, we specialize in manufacturing 1.499 , 1.56 and 1.60 series resin lenses, including HC and HMC, bifocal, progressive, and photo-chromic lenses. And we also produce the glass optical lens, including different diameter. The glass optical lenses mainly have single vision lens, bifocal lens, and photo-gray lens. The lens can be also coated.
    With the belief of "Quality First, Reputation First, Clients Uppermost", we are sure to be your best cooperation partner in the future business.
    For more information, please visit our website and contact us directly with your questions or inquiries.
    Thanks for your visiting.

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