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ProName:LJ266  ProModel:LJ266

Full-aperture trial lens of high quality266 pieces in aluminum alloy /leather case The two main color of the ring can be seen, which the spherical lens be chrome plated and the cylindrical lens in nickel. The color of the plastic ring: red with the concave while black with convex.The powers be carved on both sides of the handles according to the power label.
Spheres: 40 pairs of each concave and convex
0.25D to 6.00D in 0.25 steps6.50D to 10.00D in 0.50 steps11.00D to 15.00D in 1.00 steps16.00D to 20.00D in 2.00 steps
Cylinders: 20 pairs each of concave and convex
0.25D to 4.00D in 0.25 steps4.50D to 6.00D in 0.50 steps
Prisms: 14 pieces
0.5(2) 1.0(2) 2.0(2) 3.0(2) 4.0(2) 5.0 6.0 8.0 10.0
Accessories: 12 pieces
cross cylinder (2), white lens (2), intersecting lens, frosted lens, wicker lens, red lens, green lens, dark lens, hole lens, crack lens

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